Douwe van der Werf

Creative Direction

writing / animation / film / direction

Hi, my name is Douwe van der Werf.

I'm the founder and creative producer of Mister Lee. After having lived abroad (the US, Israel and Australia) for a few years and a study of graphic design in Melbourne, Australia, I worked as an art director for advertising agencies. To further develop my skills, I studied Image and Media Technology at the HKU art academy in Hilversum, which I finished with a master's degree.

Since starting Mister Lee in 2007, I've had a focus on strategy, writing, production and direction of film. My personal interest lies in writing stories about change and transformation.


Child Labour / Fair Trade / Weapons Trade / Sustainable Energy

ASN Bank Core Themes

ASN Bank

Video / Sustainability / Materials

Duurzame Pleinen

SOMO, Human Rights @ Work, CREM

Sustainability / Motion Graphics / 3D / oceans

Clean Shipping Index

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