First, we listen.

Based on your input, we write a document that describes your message, goals and the intended audience.

Together with you we determine strategy, team, cost and planning.


We study the subject.

We examine your documentation and what experts, critics and the public have said about it, until we feel we have a sufficient understanding to build a story.


In an open and close collaboration with you, we determine what the essence of your story is and how it will be presented.

The result is a blueprint of and a consensus about the product to be made, based on script, storyboard, style boards and more.

You'll know what you'll get.


In this phase, we do the hard work.

We talk less and work more in order to build your product, based on the blueprint. We design, write, film, model, time, record, animate, compose, edit, test, colour grade and more.

The result serves the communication goals, as described in the briefing.


When your product is released, it needs to be seen.

With a coordinated posting, sharing and blogging effort of everyone involved, we make sure your message is heard and seen by your intended audience, and beyond.